Financial Program

While Bugs Softboards focus on offering an incredible experience for the rider, the purpose of the finance program is to aid surf school operators.
Following an extensive survey of operators, we’ve learnt one of major burdens on surf school businesses is the upfront cost of the surfboard fleet, and the ongoing servicing and repairs.
We also recognise the importance of an up-to-date and well presented fleet of surfboards.
Our finance program is designed so surf schools can maintain a newer and highly presentable product offering at all times.


Our lease package allows you to purchase boards via regular payments (monthly or weekly) by credit card or direct debit, rather than commit- ting to a single upfront payment.
These lease packages can be tailored to suit your needs, and quotes can be supplied following a review of your business.
During the life of the contract (usually 3 years), all boards are fully guaranteed, with any warranty claims being immediately replaced with new stock.
Business operators also have the ability to on-sell any boards after 6 months, or as they become dated, which are then replaced with new ones under the contract.


The referral platform provides you with a commission-based income stream via our ‘referred customer’ incentive program. Here’s how it works…
Your customers receive a 10% discount off the RRP on softboards and hardboards through The Surfboard Warehouse (In-store & Online). Each school receives a unique code that can be used for 10 referrals. Each referral is worth $25 to you.
When a ‘referred’ customer makes a purchase at TSBW using the code, we log the transaction.
After 10 transactions we issue 10 x $25.00 credits ($250.00) against your account, the code is reset, and the process starts over.
The more referrals, the more money you make! It’s that easy.